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DIY maintenance: quick and easy​

Switch to drone cleaning: cheaper, faster and more effective than traditional methods.
Keeping your boat clean will allow you to sail at maximum speed, consuming less fuel and preventing corrosion.

How much a yachtowner can save (each year) with Keelcrab?

Boat of 40ft (12mt): 800 €/year
Boat of 60ft (18mt): 1200 €/year
Boat of 80ft (24mt): 1600 €/year

✅ Antifouling paints lasts longer (max 3 years)

✅ Reduce fuel cost when cruising

✅ Better sailing performance

✅ Check hull condition (with HD camera)

99.9% of the QUESTIONS you want to ask:

The drone cleans 95% of the hull surface: hull and rudder. Floating discs allow the drone to move vertically from hull to keel and rudder.

Considering a 2.5 m²/min velocity, the drone cleans a 12 meters boat lenght (40 feet) in 1.5 hours, a 18 meters boat lenght (60 feet) in 2 hours, a 24 meters boat lenght (80 feet) in 3 hours.

No, the Keelcrab brushes do not remove antifouling paint.

The brushes are designed to have the utmost respect for all classified fixed-matrix (non-water-soluble) silicone surfaces and antifouling.

In fact, using Keelcrab extends the useful life of the antifouling paint by timely removing the first layers of vegetation and maintaining direct contact with water.

However, in the case of partially water-soluble paints, it is recommended to sail to activate the self-cleaning process of the paint. If sailing is not possible, the central brush body can be removed to avoid reducing the antifouling thickness.

You can collect the vegetation removed by Keelcrab using the optional Keelcrab bag, which has a nylon filter bag to prevent the release of harmful substances into the ocean.

According to our service, we recommend cleaning your boat every 2-3 months in places with warm water and every 3-4 months in cold water. With our yearly subscription, you can receive 4 to 6 cleanings per year, depending on your specific needs.

The frequency of cleaning ensures that your boat’s hull remains in optimal condition and helps to improve fuel consumption and hull performance.

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I recently had my 50-foot yacht cleaned by Keelcrab, and I was very impressed with the service. The team arrived on time and got to work immediately. They were very professional and efficient, and they did a great job of cleaning the entire hull. I was particularly impressed with the way they were able to get into all the nooks and crannies that would have been difficult or impossible to reach with a traditional cleaning method. I would highly recommend Keelcrab to anyone looking for a professional and reliable yacht cleaning service.

Oliver Shrul

Squamish BC


I have a 100-foot yacht, and I was worried that it would be too large for Keelcrab to clean. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The team was able to clean the entire hull in just a few hours. They were very careful not to damage the paint or the finish, and they did a great job of removing all the dirt, algae, and barnacles. I was particularly impressed with the way they were able to reach the top of the hull, which is often difficult to clean. I would definitely recommend Keelcrab to anyone with a large yacht.

Jenifer Shuli



I am a frequent boater, and I have used a variety of yacht cleaning services over the years. However, Keelcrab is by far the best I have ever used. The team is always friendly and professional, and they do a fantastic job of cleaning the hull. I am particularly impressed with the way they use the Keelcrab drones. The drones are able to reach all the hard-to-reach areas, and they do a great job of removing even the toughest dirt and grime. I would highly recommend Keelcrab to anyone looking for a top-quality yacht cleaning service.

Fred Oke

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