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Find out now how Keelcrab is revolutionizing the cleaning of yacht hulls.

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Discover How to Became a Keelcrab Point

Our method is based on constant and frequent hull cleaning: Keelcrab Points provide their clients a yearly subscription in order to maintain their hull every 2-3 months in places with warm water, and every 3-4 months in cold water.

We will provide you a Point service template to structure your yearly pack offer to boatowners.

The medium recommended price calculated considering our Points feedback is:

  • Europe: 15 Euro per meter
  • UK: 15 GBP per meter
  • USA: 5 USD per foot 
  • Australia: 8 AUD per foot


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We made a test in an italian marina:

Considering 500 berths and 5 medium boat cleanings per client, in the first scenario:

  • Target: 15% of the small/medium boat. 75 clients
  • Hull cleaning average costs: 50 €
  • Hull cleaning total number (estimated): 375
  • Total revenue per year: 18.750 €

In the second scenario:

  • Target: 5% of the boats upper than 16 meters
  • Hull cleaning average costs: 150 €
  • Hull cleaning total number (estimated): 150 
  • Total revenue per year: 22.500 €

Check in our Business Introduction for point some of our successful stories from all the world, or enter in Keelcrab World on Facebook.

Divide the analysis in three steps:

  • Estimated Users base
  • Competitors
  • Technical analysis

More informations on Business introduction

Our vision is a road step by step:

  • Start as Point and get revenues from your services to boatowners.
  • Get revenues upselling Green antifouling products and paints certified by KeelCrab and Ultracrab.
  • Sign cleaning contracts with marinas, shipyards and yacht charter.
  • Become an Area Manager developing a network of Points and get up to 25% fee on Keelcrab product selling.

For private owners or yacht clubs

Underwater robot vacuum cleaner equipped with HD cameraremote control 7″ display with joystick, designed for maintenance and inspection of pleasure boat hulls up to 45 feet in length.

€ 2.586,00

For professionals in the yacht sector

Keelcrab Pro is a professional underwater robot for maintenance and inspection of yachts and pleasure boat hulls, accompanied by a kit of optionals designed to meet the needs of professionals in the nautical sector. KeelCrab robot then comes with a set of accessories (tangible and intangible) designed to best support the performance of Inspection and cleaning service activities of your clients’ hull in the marina.

€ 4.386,00

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