Vertical Motorized brush: R&D upgrade for summer 2022

Motorized vertical brush improved the experience of hull cleaning

Keelcrab PRO 2022: cleaning cycle with motorized upright brush

From summer 2022 our company have developed an upgrade for professional clients with the intention to provide them a better cleaning performance with the Vertical Motorized Brush.

From now on, our Points can use either standard or motorized brushes depending on their customer’s needs and hull condition. In fact, the motorized brush is an excellent solution when algae, vegetation, and mild fouling needs to be removed, and thus not concerned with preventing vegetation growth on the hull.

Benefits of the motorized brush

Thanks to this integration, Keelcrab PRO 2022 version will gain improved capabilities in terms of adaptability to the hull surface during cleaning and mobility: in fact, the driving motors are separate from the standard brush ensuring greater speed, strength and usability.

The motorized vertical brush is equipped with a motor with a diameter of 16 cm x 2, adisposable in two different types: nylon version 0.60 and stainless version 0.15. By promoting even the removal of mild fouling, it ensures not only maintenance but also deeper cleaning!





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