Ultrasonic antifouling

ULTRACRAB ultrasonic antifouling is a high-frequency total green ultrasonic emitter.

  • 30-meter cable;
  • Emitter;
  • Floating buoy for anchoring the sensor
  • IP 68 electronics box for power supply

What makes this ultrasonic antifouling unique is the total absence of inconvenient and onerous on-board probe wiring and gluing (done by contracted technicians). Ultracrab comes with a handy floating buoy that makes it unique and quick to install, executable in no time by anyone.

Alternating sound pulses (cyclic sound compositions) of high frequency and variable power make this ultrasonic antifouling the first emitter capable of achieving perfect efficiency on both live work (of any material and related sea intakes) and metal components.

The constant propagation of these sound waves procures damage to vacuoles and cellular tissue, inhibiting cellular coupling and vital functions and thus the growth of algae or barnacles by registering immediate changes in the color, density and rooting of vegetation to surfaces, up to a total coverage of 20 meters in length of the vessel.

Ultracrab prevents the formation of fouling and “dog’s teeth” (barnacles and mollusks) on the hull and metal parts of your boat.

  • Power supply (factory settings): 115 VAC (93…. 132 VAC) or 230 VAC (186… 264 VAC)
  • Supply voltage frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 60/130 W
  • Maximum range: up to 82 feet (25 metres)
  • Operating temperature range: -10° up to +70°
  • Operating basis: Multi-frequency (automatic)
  • Surge protection: yes
    LED operation indicator: located in the control box
  • Electronic module protections: yes
  • Cable protections: yes
  • Environmental protection: IP56 (control box)
  • CE approval: EN 61000-6-1 (2007) & EN 61000-6-3 (2007) / A1 (2011)
  • UL approval: Power supply E183223 / E258355
  • Weight: 10.6 kg (complete set)


*vat and shipping not included


€ 1.986,00


*vat and shipping not included


€ 1.986,00

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The advantages of Ultracrab

Reduces maintenance

out of the water (lifting, cleaning and repainting the hull). Extends the life of antifouling paint

Environmentally friendly

It does not use chemicals. It is not harmful to humans


Specially developed software enables the design of an ultrasound program tailored to each application

Easy to install

It is not necessary to structurally change the boat hull for installation (expensive). Ultracrab is attached by a rope to the deck of the ship while it is docked and no expensive installation or wiring is required

Improves performance

the speed and maneuverability of the hull and saves fuel

Prevents shellfish

(barnacles and mollusks) on the boat hull and can be used in both fresh and salt water

Frequently asked questions

Ultracrab is very simple to install. The supplied kit includes a floating buoy prepared for anchoring the ultrasonic sensor, easily hoisted by a pair of lines to the mooring dock (or directly to the stern or bow bollards of your boat). It will be very important to direct the sensor (by adjusting the support screws) toward the boat at a variable angle (between 5 and 45 degrees) looking as much as possible for wave propagation to the living work. Once installed, connect the power connector to the case/switch and supply power at 220/110volts.

Ultracrab is an excellent tool for maintaining the condition of the hull over time (especially during long stops of the boat in closed waters); to achieve maximum efficiency, it is strongly suggested that Ultracrab be installed in conjunction with the launch of your boat (with a clean hull and new antifouling).

Ultracrab is designed to keep your hull, including the metal parts, at maximum efficiency, and its continuous and constant action on the surfaces soothes proliferation and freezes the condition of the hull at any given time decreasing the amount of ordinary and extraordinary interventions in the long run, preserving and protecting your hull.

Ultrasonic waves have a total range of 20 meters in length by 6 meters maximum in width.

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