Step Two - Keelcrab Introduction

What is a Keelcrab Point?

Frequently asked questions

Our method is based on constant and frequent cleaning of the hull: Keelcrab Points provides its customers with an annual subscription to maintain the hull every 2-3 months in places with warm water and every 3-4 months in cold water.

We will provide you with a Point service model to structure your annual package offer to shipowners.

The average recommended price calculated considering our point feedback is:

Europe: 15 Euro per meter
United Kingdom: 15 GBP per meter
USA: 5 USD per foot
Australia: 8 AUD per foot

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Divide the analysis into three stages:

Estimated user base
Technical Analysis

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Our vision is a step-by-step road:

Start as a Point and get revenue from your services to shipowners.
Make gains by increasing antifouling products and Green paints certified by KeelCrab and Ultracrab.
Signs cleaning contracts with marinas, shipyards and yacht charters.
Become an Area Manager by developing a network of points and get up to 25 percent commission on sales of Keelcrab products.

We did a test in an Italian navy:

Considering 500 berths and 5 average boat cleanings per client, in the first scenario:

Target: 15% of the small/medium boat. 75 customers
Average hull cleaning costs: 50 €
Total number hull cleaning (estimated): 375
Total annual income: €18,750

In the second scenario:

Target: 5% of boats over 16 meters in height
Average hull cleaning costs: 150 €
Total number hull cleaning (estimated): 150
Total annual income: €22,500

How to become a Keelcrab Point

Investing in Point Business means including several services in the Affiliate program.

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