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Step One - How does KEELCRAB work?

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Traditional methods offer comprehensive, manual cleaning operations, sometimes underwater or sometimes during hauling and launching activities. KeelCrab is a new method for the hull of recreational boats that aims to complement routine maintenance by reducing medium-term extraordinary interventions. For this reason, divers and shipyards integrate our system into their customer services.

We provide a nylon filter bag of different micrometer sizes (180 microns or 50 microns) to recover waste material, algae or vegetation produced by the cleaning operation.

The drone cleans 95% of the hull surface: hull and rudder. Floating discs allow the drone to move vertically from the hull to the keel and rudder.

To keep the propeller (even the stern feet) clean, we provide Ultracrab. It is an ultrasonic antifouling that is easy to install at the stern: the constant propagation of high-frequency, variable-power sound pulses prevents algae formation.

With the KeelCrab App available for IOS and Android Store, you can watch the hull inspection from the KeelCrab camera and record it.

Our brushes are designed to remove algae vegetation and collect it in a bag without removing the antifouling.

Regular service prevents the growth of barnacles.

Considering a 2.5 m²/min velocity, the drone cleans a 12 meters boat lenght (40 feet) in 1.5 hours, a 18 meters boat lenght (60 feet) in 2 hours, a 24 meters boat lenght (80 feet) in 3 hours.

Keelcrab is powered by a 20 m Kevlar cable and uses a plug suitable from 110 V to 220 V by the standard for marinas worldwide. We provide a standard socket for marinas around the world, as well as the option of requesting an inverter generator kit for remote use. The only alternative is to use an electric generator-solar panels currently cannot support the drone’s energy use.

We provide a remote control connected to the drone with 7″ display, joystick and 7-meter cable. You can also transmit the camera feed to your smartphone with the Wi-Fi Mobile Connectivity kit (standard on the Pro Pack).

We provide three different brushes for three different levels of cleaning: white soft nylon brush; yellow medium nylon brush; and stainless brush.

Before replacement, brushes last about 100 hours, longer if cleaning is done on regularly maintained boats and not on hard fouling.

Step two - Keelcrab Point, where to start.