KeelCrab: The Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Boat Cleaning Robot

Do you want to maintain a clean and fast boat while avoiding antifouling paints containing heavy metals, which are now prohibited globally?

KeelCrab is the cleaning robot for you. Made in Italy, KeelCrab is an environmentally friendly robot that carries out cleaning, maintenance, and hull inspection tasks automatically.

Why is KeelCrab Robot a green solution?

Our brushes, A.N.C.C.P. certified, are able to remove only algae, vegetation and first formation of barnacles with two results: hull cleaned with dirt collected in our bag with nylon filter, that does not release it into the marine environment, and antifouling paint always efficient, cause the brushes does not remove antifouling matrix paint.

Some pics during our demo in Poole (South UK) with Alex Thomson and our Keelcrab Point Keel Cleaning

Three disruptive features of our hull cleaning system!

KeelCrab is equipped with disk brushes that rotate in opposite directions and have interchangeable nylon and stainless steel bristles for optimal cleaning results.
The system includes a nylon filtering bag of 180-micron nylon thread (optional 50 micron or custom micrometer) to collect waste, algae, and plants during cleaning, reducing the release of harmful substances into the ocean.

For those who need to clean boats with more complex hulls, there is UltraCrab, also a sustainable and made in Italy solution. This ultrasonic antifouling system uses ultrasound to achieve efficiency on both the underwater hull and metal components without complicated wiring or gluing. Installation is made simple and quick with the convenient floating buoy provided.

The future of antifouling paint

Our care for marine environment and efficiency of antifouling paint depends by law regulamentation as well, that we’ll become always more restrictive: we want our robot replace biocide, we design for years a solution able to keep efficient the future use of antifouling paint who we’ll become hull treatment, or grooming activities integration.

Frequent use of KeelCrab system has been shown to reduce barnacles or encrustations, increase the speed of the ship, and decrease consumption. As a mechanical, not chemical, system, it also prevents damage to antifouling paints (and the ocean of course!)

KeelCrab, in any of its versions, is the perfect choice for those seeking quality and efficiency in cleaning and maintaining their boat while protecting the environment.
It is a unique and proud product of Italian manufacturing.

By choosing KeelCrab, you can reduce biocides in the sea thanks to continuous cycles of mechanical cleaning. And the sea thanks you!

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