Shave your hull with Keelcrab.
Save Money and Hassle for your yacht.

Prevent barnacles, corrosion and drag for a faster, more efficient and safer boat

How much a yachtowner can save (each year) with Keelcrab?

Boat of 40ft (12mt): 800 €/year
Boat of 60ft (18mt): 1200 €/year
Boat of 80ft (24mt): 1600 €/year

✅ Antifouling paints lasts longer (max 3 years)

✅ Reduce fuel cost when cruising

✅ Better sailing performance

✅ Check hull condition (with HD camera)

DIY maintenance: quick and easy​

Switch on the drone, lower into the water and launch it towards your hull. Once attached, you will pilot the Keelcrab with controller joystick. Thanks to its HD camera you can easily perform your cleaning maintenance & monitor the condition of your hull symoultanously

Underwater robot vacuum cleaner equipped with HD cameraremote control 7″ display with joystick, designed for maintenance and inspection of pleasure boat hulls up to 45 feet in length.

€ 2.586,00

Underwater drone for maintenance and inspection of yacht hulls, pleasure boats and houseboats.

€ 3.586,00

Watch now Keelcrab Clean a Yacht's Hull

See Keelcrab in action and discover how it can revolutionize the way you clean your yacth’s hull and click the button below to discover our offer for you!

Are you curious to find out how Keelcrab works?

Watch the tutorial to discover all the secrets of our Italian engineers who have carefully designed and created an effective product for all yacht owners.

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Frequently asked questions

The keelcrab drone is designed to have a cleaning capability classifiable as a “routine maintenance” of your hull respecting the surfaces, chemicals and technical elements on the living work. Since there is no scale (benchmark) with regard to the ability to abrade and remove dirt that has taken root to a boat hull, we start with the mechanical concept that the drone exerts 3.5 kg of thrust (when fully submerged) toward the hull surface and moves in counter-rotation (counter-rotation effect) a cylindrical inset brush body made of nylon (of 2 different weights) or corrugated stainless steel. Micrometric tests (pre and post robot passage) in a simulated environment (including with wastewater analysis) and practical feedback led us to obtain certification from A.N.C.C.P and to demonstrate that: complying with the starting condition of “perfectly clean boat” and “painted” with new antifouling, a hull is “still on target” (still workable i.e., cleanable by the keelcrab drone) even after a period of 6 to 8 months of complete stationing in port waters.

In the case of paints that are even partially water-soluble (self-sanding) if navigation was not possible, in order to avoid micrometer reduction of antifouling when using the drone, use is constrained to the removal of the central brush body, leaving the dual tasks of keeping the machine in adherence and sucking up silt algae or vegetation to the suction capacity alone. The proportion between suction capacity in kg and robot feed rate, demonstrates how using keelcrab without its brush body simulates slow sailing (less than 3 knots) by stimulating the paint’s natural chemical self-cleaning process.

All consumable and non-consumable items (thus covered or not covered by warranty) are designed with the logic of “do by yourself” allowing maximum freedom and autonomy over drone assistance. Assembly and disassembly operations of individual marinized components are therefore executable by anyone and without the use of special technical equipment. In all cases, replacement or intervention operations are supported by dedicated video tutorials and you will be able to find them: in the restricted area of our website, by sending a w.up to +39 327 029 5197 with a request to open a service ticket or a specific request for the consumable component you intend to replace or by sending an email to ufficiotecnico@keelcrab.com with the subject line “video tutorial for technical assistance” specifying the consumable technical component you intend to replace. One of our assigned technicians will follow up with you for quick troubleshooting.

The entire Keelcrab line is entirely designed and manufactured in Italy (100% made in italy) in our production facility in the province of Como, and the average delivery time is about 2 weeks from order.

  • 12-meter boat: 1 hour
  • 16-meter boat: 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • 18-meter boat: 2 hours
All consumables are:
  • Replaceable in total autonomy
  • Available h48 directly from us
  • Variable durations from a minimum of 50 hours to a maximum of 500 hours of use.
There are no other variable costs of maintaining your device in efficiency over the years.

Abundant rinsing with fresh water after each use and sheltering in a dry, sheltered place.

Keelcrab is maintained in perfect adherence to the hull thanks to a major suction effect generated by a powerful marinized pump motor by removing and sucking up algae or vegetation that typically builds up on the live work of boats during periods of dwellings in closed waters. The Keelcrab drone is capable of cleaning (once quickly mastered in piloting operations) up to the 95/97% of the surface area of a displacement hull of a sailboat that exhibits characteristics of shapes and geometries classifiable as “standard” in the 10/24 meter range and 85/87% of a planing or semi-planing hull of a motorboat that exhibits characteristics of shapes and geometries classifiable as “standard” In the range 10/ 24 meters.

Vertical motorized brush is the last upgrade of summer 2022 developed by R&D department of Aeffe ltd: this solution improves hull maintennace and cleaning performance.

We suggest you to read the article or write us to info@keelcrab.com for all the informations.

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