Keelcrab Sharing

a Purchase a Keelcrab drone through the “KEELCRAB SHARING” group purchase formula! Important customer benefits for you!


Are you part of a “crew” of shipowners? Is the season just around the corner and do you feel the need to always sail at the top of your game? Regattas on the horizon and need to better prepare your boats? Hoist the sails, Keelcrab Sharing takes care of the rest!

Fill out the contact form, each owner who joins the community will entitle you to 2 percentage points extra discount on the purchase of the product! (Voucher validity: maximum limit of 10 owners per buying group).


Keelcrab Sharing is the product designed to foster buying groups of boat owners who can co-use the drone to manage cleaning cycles and hull inspections quickly, in a short time and in total autonomy.

Underwater drone for maintenance and inspection of yacht hulls and pleasure boats.

€ 2.586,00

Underwater robot for cleaning and inspecting the hull of your vessel up to 65 feet in length.

€ 3.586,00

DIY maintenance: quick and easy

Did you do the hauling and launching operation? You directly program the cleaning cycles

Want to do an Inspection of your hull without the need for diving?

Take the drone, lower it into the water, and instantly monitor the condition of your hull.

Share the Spend, take advantage of customer benefits, and use and guard the drone within your community.

Keelcrab Sharing! (based on new sharing economy system)


KC – Sharing is recommended for groups of owners, boat neighbors who want to make themselves autonomous in hull maintenance and espouse the logic of sharing economy as a lifestyle.

Credit Card, Paypal or wire transfer.

Il referente può aggiungere da un minimo di uno ad un massimo di nove armatori, specificando per ciascuno informazioni di contatto ed il nome di ogni imbarcazione.

Spediamo in tutto il mondo entro 10 giorni dal pagamento.

We are here, send us a request!





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