What is Keelcrab Net-Cleaner?

Keelcrab Net-Cleaner is an underwater robot for cleaning fishing nets of open water fish farms.

What is included in the equipment?

  • KeelCrab underwater robot  including HD camera and 400 lumen-led, 7″ display remote control with joystick and 7 metres of cable,
  • 30m neutral-negative Kevlar-reinforced robot cable, external electronics box 220-110V to 24V
  • Transport case pack
  • Motorized brush: kit of cushioned counter-rotating disc brushes (15mm excursion/adaptation to surface) driven by dedicated waterproofed nylon insulated motor for the best cleaning capacity ever achieved by your keelcrab.
  • 2 extra soft/wavy stainless steel brush discs: insetolate stainless steel-soft/wavy 0.7mm and matching springs for surface adaptation
  • Connectivity-pack: smartphone-tablet connection so you can capture the video stream on your phone or tablet and share your footage.
  • Spare parts kit: Consumable spare parts kit.
  • Keelcrab – bag & nylon filter 50/100/180 micron: filter holder structure that can be easily fitted inside your Keelcrab for filtering and collecting sediment, algae and particles removed by the brushes.
  • Filtration system (optional and as an alternative to the keelcrab-bag): predisposition for the hydraulic connection of the robot to a corrugated pipe of variable length from 15 to 50 metres (and relative external 0.5kwh pumping motor).

Keelcrab Net-Cleaner is an underwater robot for cleaning fishing nets of open water fish farms designed entirely in Italy and born of the collaboration between Aeffe S.r.l. keelcrab and Cristobal Gutierrez, owner of the company Robotics Chile.

Keelcrab Net-Cleaner is characterised by a plastic exoskeleton with a hydrostatically neutral set-up with the following main features
the central impeller (propeller), driven by a powerful electric motor, performs the dual function of adherence to the surface and suction of dirty vegetation or residues;
sponges or brushes with rubber bristles and tracks allow for high rideability on any type of surface or material (glass, methacrylate, etc.); interchangeable motorised counter-rotating central disc brushes with different abrasive capacity allow for efficient and gentle cleaning, preserving the physical integrity of the underlying material over the long term.

Camera and high-brightness LEDs (400 lumens) guarantee high-definition viewing of the video stream on a tablet or display, making it easy to carry out inspection cycles of the tanks (e.g. in its technical elements), especially in less visible or shaded areas.

  • Input power supply: 100/240V AC (standard with Schuko plug). Can also be powered by inverter.
  • Output power supply: 28.5V (low voltage)
    Power consumption: 370 W (also power supply with inverter)
  • Dimensions & weight: 45.5cm x 43cm x 30cm (h); weight 10kg (approx.)
  • External power supply box dimensions: 30cm x 22cm x 12cm (h)
  • Cleaning capacity: 7 m²/min
  • Drone power cable: length 20 m (extendable according to specific needs); breaking load 160 kg (in traction)
  • Replaceable brush discs with different abrasive capacities

Weight: 10kg
Length: 45.5 cm
Width: 43 cm
Height: 30 cm
Cleaning capacity: 7 m²/min
Pump capacity: 35 mc^3/hour


starting from € 5.886,00


starting from

€ 5.886,00

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Keelcrab Net-Cleaner is designed for  non-invasive cleaning (grooming) of net-cultures in the sea, fish farms in general or closed floating tanks for fish production.

Its cleaning does not affect the health of fish or the balance of the surrounding marine environment.

KeelCrab Net-Cleaner allows you to supplement or replace the work carried out by divers, thus reducing the need for technical personnel in charge of the fish habitat and promoting more sustainable fish farming.

Like all ‘custom series’ versions, these robots are developed by the company according to specific customer requirements and then become part of the range of robotic solutions offered.

Hydraulic-connection predisposition

Optional filtration system ( alternative to keelcrab-bag), this kit is developed for the hydraulic connection of the robot to a corrugated pipe of variable length from 15 to 50 meters (and relative external 0.5 kWh pumping motor) in order to efficiently and optimise the collection of the sediment removed by the brushes and avoid its dispersion in the tank.

It is also possible to create a dedicated wiring on the plant’s edge in order to allow the operator to carry out cleaning operations by piloting the drone from different positions and allowing the optimisation of work times.

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