KeelCrab Net Cleaner: The Ideal Answer for Cleaning Fish Nets

Say “hello” to KeelCrab Net Cleaner, the Italian-made submarine robot that is changing the game in the fishing business.

This state of the art innovation, created by Aeffe S.r.l. KeelCrab in a joint effort with Robotics Chile’s Cristobal Gutierrez, is the ideal answer for keeping up with and cleaning fishing nets at untamed water fish ranches.

Outfitted with a hydrostatically impartial plastic exoskeleton and a strong electric engine, the KeelCrab Net Cleaner can stick to any surface and pull away any grimy vegetation or buildup.

Its wipe and elastic seethed brushes permit it to enjoy some real success on any material, including glass and methacrylate. In addition, its tradable mechanized counter-turning focal plate brushes with various grating limit guarantee productive and delicate cleaning, so you don’t need to stress over harming your nets simultaneously.

Likewise, this submerged robot includes a high-goal camera and high-splendor LEDs that offer a completely clear perspective on the video transfer on a tablet or show.

What separates KeelCrab from the rest is its customization. High quality by Italian engeneers, each submerged robot is custom-made to meet the interesting requirements of the client.

So whether you’re running a little fish ranch or an enormous scope activity, you can believe that KeelCrab Net Cleaner will convey the proficiency, security, and sturdiness you want to keep your nets clean and your business flourishing.

KeelCrab Net Cleaner is the future of cleaning fishing nets. Its productivity, wellbeing, and solidness make it an unquestionable requirement for any business in the fishing business. What’s more, with its Italian craftsmanship, you can have confidence that you’re putting resources into a top-quality item.

keelcrab net cleaner photo

So why wait? Get your hands on KeelCrab Net Cleaner today and take your fish ranch to a higher level!





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