Introducing KeelCrab Maxipool: pool cleaner for commercial swimming pool

KeelCrab Maxipool is the first Professional robot for pool Maintenance up to 50 meters lenght, entirely Made in Italy with a 4-Year Warranty

If you manage an olympic swimming pool, you understand the importance of keeping it clean and free of debris, and the need to use a pool cleaner. This is not always a straightforward task, but KeelCrab Maxipool is here to simplify the process.

This underwater drone, the first of its kind designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, is created for the cleaning of skimmer or overflow pools of any material, up to 50 meters in length and 10 meters deep.

At this point, it’s interesting to share a recently conducted interview with one of the creators of KeelCrab Maxipool. Fabio Terzaghi, Ceo Aeffe ltd, answered a series of questions regarding the inception of the project, the challenges they faced, and the features that set their product apart.

How did the idea of a robot for the pool sector come about?
The idea was born from a desire to diversify KeelCrab’s product range and make the most of the knowledge and skills gained from years of experimentation in the nautical sector. We wanted to apply our expertise in boat hull cleaning to the pool sector, which presents its own set of advantages and challenges.

What were the challenges of this project?
The challenges were of two different kinds. There were purely technical challenges, where our years of experimentation and research in the nautical sector proved invaluable. While the underwater drones used for cleaning and inspecting boat hulls are similar to pool cleaning drones, they operate in a parallel and opposite universe due to the geometrical characteristics of hull surfaces. There was also a commercial challenge, as we are the only player in the nautical sector with products at this stage of development, ready on the market and in increasing production. In contrast, the pool sector is dominated by several players (often multinational companies) with ruthless commercial strategies, forcing us to change our approach completely to carve out our niche in a large but competitive market.

What are the strengths of Keelcrab Maxipool?
The real advantage of Aquapool Maxicrab is that it is mechanically designed for larger pools and systems (up to the size of an Olympic pool), thanks to its physical and technical filtration and movement characteristics. We believe that KeelCrab Maxipool will be able to carve out a significant market share in this niche sector due to this temporary commercial gap.

Who is this product for?
This product is intended for larger pools (over 20/25 meters), public facilities (including private ones) used for non-private use, hotels, public recreational or sports pools, and water parks.

How is maintenance and spare parts support managed with Italian and foreign customers?
Service is managed (as for the nautical sector) by leveraging the modular design of KeelCrab robots. Each robot is composed of single units that are waterproof and connect to the robot’s electrical system. Each of these units can be easily disassembled by the user, allowing for the replacement of only the component that has a problem, resulting in quick and easy repairs. This philosophy is in line with our ongoing efforts to improve the robot’s functions, as almost all mechanical or electronic upgrades to our drones can be installed in up-selling, as they are always designed with integration into basic functionalities in mind.

An Underwater Robot with Autonomous Guidance or Remote Control

KeelCrab’s Maxipool can be controlled autonomously or via a remote app, making the cleaning of your pool’s bottom and walls a simple, effortless task.

And it’s not just effective, it’s also built to last.

Maxipool comes with a 4-year warranty (excluding consumables) or 2,000 working hours, provided it undergoes official (free) maintenance after 2 years or 750 working hours.

Unique Technology and Advanced Accessories

Equipped with underwater LED lights for status indication and visual analysis of the filter fill level, the Keelcrab Maxipool features an innovative electronic anti-twist system for the power cable.

During autonomous navigation, a 9-axis gyro sensor counts, via a magnetometer, the drone’s rotation degrees, performing timed offsets.

These offsets are actually short counter-rotations, calculated autonomously to bring the drone’s rotation degrees back to the initial stage and thus avoid annoying instances of power cable twisting or winding, a leading cause of damage and breakage.

Effective Cleaning and Simple Maintenance

The KeelCrab Maxipool robot develops a suction of over 55 cubic meters per hour thanks to a significant suction effect generated by two powerful marinized pump motors in combination with a large filtering bag that ensures maximum collection efficiency (with filters from 30 to 180 microns) and easy rinsing to increase operation hygiene and minimize time.

Safe and Reliable

With its transparent design, you will be able to observe and analyze the mechanical behavior of your drone at all times, enjoy the visual effect of the light-pack, especially at dusk or at night, and be able to observe it from the outside as if you were observing it with goggles from inside your pool.

Warranty and Maintenance

Maxipool is designed in a modular fashion, allowing only the broken parts to be replaced, thus ensuring a prolonged product lifespan.

And with a four-year warranty, you can be sure that your investment is protected.

Quality Made in Italy

KeelCrab Maxipool is an artisan product, made entirely in Italy. This pool cleaning drone boasts all the quality features and attention to detail you would expect from an Italian product.

Complete Cleaning and Improvement of Water Quality

Maxipool doesn’t just clean the bottom and walls of your pool. It also collects removed debris up to 8.5 liters, improving the water quality.

Priority to Water Quality

The suction effect generated by two powerful marinized pump motors and a large filtering bag ensure hygiene and water quality, making your pool a safer and more enjoyable place for you and your family.

KeelCrab Maxipool is not just a pool cleaning robot: is more than just a simple pool-cleaning robot-it is designed with a modular approach so that only failed parts can be replaced without having to change it entirely.

It’s a comprehensive solution for your pool maintenance, designed to make cleaning simpler, more effective, and less time-consuming.

With its unique technology and Italian artisan quality, Maxipool is the right choice for those who want the best for their pool.

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