KeelCrab @ Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS)

The 63rd edition of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) was held from October 26 to 30 in Florida, United States.

With yards from over 52 countries and over 1,000 boats in the water, the event proved to be a great success.

KeelCrab, our state-of-the-art robot for eco-friendly surface maintenance, was also present, brought by Mauro and Barbara by Marine drones, our important and trustworthy collaborators. They were happy to interact with all the passionate boating aficionados and professionals, who got to obtain technical and commercial information related to our innovative product.

KeelCrab is a true boat grooming service: Just like a vacuum cleaner helps you keep your home clean, frequent use of KeelCrab allows you to keep your hull free from barnacles and encrustations.

Randy Edwards, owner of Marine Detail Services in Gainesville (Georgia), knows the importance of keeping boats clean and well-maintained.

That’s why he has partnered with KeelCrab to provide a maintenance service for small and medium-sized boats, using our state-of-the-art robot for eco-friendly surface maintenance.

According to Randy, “The level of cleaning efficiency is incredible!”

And he’s not alone in his praise. KeelCrab’s innovative design and advanced features have won over boating enthusiasts and professionals alike.

With partners like Randy and Marine Drones, KeelCrab is poised to revolutionize the boating industry. Our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and excellence ensures that we provide the best possible products and services to our customers.

Overall, KeelCrab is the best solution for hull maintenance and, above all, keeping the hulls of motorboats up to 45 feet long clean. But if you need an underwater solution for boats up to 160 feet, don’t worry: MaxiCrab will soon arrive!

FLIBS was only one of the many important industry fairs we will attend around the world, so remember to follow us on all our social media channels and visit the blog section of our website to not miss out on the upcoming news.

KeelCrab: real maintenance for your boat. If you want to keep your hull always clean, with continuous cycles of mechanical cleaning and no biocides, you must find out more about our nautical products!

Mauro and Barbara are available to answer all your questions on:

IG: @marinedrones
website: https://marinedronesusa.com/





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