Keelcrab Aquazoo

What is Keelcrab Aquazoo?

Keelcrab AQUAZOO is a custom series underwater drone for cleaning and inspection of aquarium or aquaculture tanks.

Keelcrab AcquaZoo is is the world’s only underwater drone that takes care of acrylic surfacesby preventing dulling or the formation of marks, lines or imperfections and extending their useful life.

Optionals included:

  • HD camera and two LEDs of 280 lm each (total 560 lm)
  • Remote control with joystick, 7″ display and 7m cable
  • 20 m drone cable (specific gravity 1190 kg/m
  • external power supply box (INPUT 100/240V AC)
  • A.N.C.C.P. certified soft nylon counter-rotating brush
  • Wi-fi Mobile Connectivity
  • standard brush

Keelcrab AQUAZOO is an underwater drone for cleaning and inspecting aquarium tanks or aquaculture tanks. Designed entirely in Italy and the result of a collaboration between Keelcrab and the Aquarium of Genoa, it turns out to be the only underwater drone in the world capable of maintaining perfect adhesion and straightness on the polycarbonate walls typical of these structures. Keelcrab AquaZoo features a plastic exoskeleton with neutral hydrostatic buoyancy with the following main characteristics:

  • the central impeller (propeller), driven by a powerful electric motor, performs the dual function of holding in adherence to the surface and suctioning in dirty vegetation or debris;
  • sponges or brushes with rubber bristles and tracks allow high driveability on all kinds of surfaces or materials (glass, methacrylate, etc.); quickly interchangeable center brushes with different abrasive capacity allow efficient and gentle cleaning while preserving the physical integrity of materials (acrylic,concrete, tile, rubber, liner) in the long run;
  • camera and high-brightness LEDs (400 lumens) ensure high-definition display of the video stream on a tablet or display, so it will be easy to carry out inspection cycles of the tanks (e.g., in its technical elements) especially even in the less visible or shaded areas.

Finally, it is also possible to implement an edge-of-tank wiring in order to allow the operator to carry out cleaning operations by piloting the drone from different locations, allowing optimization of work time.

  • Input power supply: 100/240V AC (standard equipment with Schuko plug). Can also be powered by inverter.
  • Output power supply: 27.5V DC (low voltage)
  • Power consumption: 330 W
  • Dimensions & weight: 46.5cm x 42cm x 29cm (h); weight 10kg
  • External power box size: 30cm x 22cm x 12cm (h)
  • Cleaning capacity: 7 m²/min
  • Drone power cable: length 20 m (extendable according to specific requirements); breaking load 160 kg (in tension)
  • Replaceable brush with others of different abrasive force
  • Weight: 10 kg;
  • Length: 46.5 cm;
  • Width: 42 cm;
  • Height: 29 cm;
  • Cleaning capacity: 7 m²/min.


*vat and shipping not included

€ 4.236,00


*vat and shipping not included


€ 4.236,00

The advantages


Fast replacement of brushes and consumables

brushes with different abrasive capacities to adapt to any cleaning need, always with maximum respect for surfaces


Inspection of the tank

Camera and high-brightness LEDs ensure easy inspection of tanks especially in less visible or shaded areas



Focused on your technical needs (brushing, automation, wiring, or tub edge arrangements)


Surface conservation

cares for surfaces (especially acrylic or polycarbonate) by preventing dulling or the formation of marks, lines or imperfections

Frequently asked questions

We first suggest that you read all the keelcrab brand serial product description pages and related technical FAQs well in order to get a complete idea about the technical capability of the products. For any further inquiries or questions, following a careful reading and analysis of the technical characteristics of our “standard” models, we suggest you send an email to the address or a w.up to the phone number +39 327 029 5197 entering “custom series” and the technical request for customization as the subject. Our technical department will evaluate the possible technical feasibility, the conditions for conducting a feasibility study, and the realization of your customization request.

We have tested and guaranteed the Keelcrab AQUAZOO drone to a depth of up to 40 meters. In two cases we have had clients report to us (downstream) the use of keelcrab AQUAZOO at 100 m depth (without having generated the slightest damage)

Our quickly interchangeable center brushes with different abrasive capacity enable efficient and gentle cleaning while preserving the physical integrity of materials (acrylic, polycarbonate, concrete, tile, rubber or liner) in the long run.

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