Introducing KeelCrab Paint: The Biocide-Free Solution for Hull Maintenance

If you own a boat or work in the maritime sector, you are aware of how crucial it is to keep the hull of your ship clean and free of marine life.

Finding a more sustainable approach is crucial since typical antifouling paints that contain biocides can have negative environmental implications.

KeelCrab Paint can help with that. A new range of biocide-free, “KeelCrab recommended,” antifouling paints are part of this series of hull chemicals. You may lessen the negative effects on the environment and make sure that your boat remains safe and effective by selecting a green, biocide-free option.

The KeelCrab team has created a complementing line of goods that are made to function flawlessly with their cleaning drones. The paints have a tough, incredibly resistant, and hydrophobic surface since they are made of non-water-soluble, biocide-free ingredients. It is thus more straightforward to maintain peak performance and enhance the fuel consumption-performance ratio because marine creatures find it difficult to establish themselves on the hull and grow. Instead of using antifouling paints that contain heavy metals, you can protect the hull of your boat by using a water-repellent antifouling like Alvida Srl’s Aquaward FM41.

Alvida Srl is an Italian company that creates goods to protect boats from weather and water as well as to protect the aquatic environment.

Customers can focus on sailing and save time with their Aquaward product range, which is made to be simple and quick to apply. This transparent antifouling significantly slows down biofouling while making cleaning easier because it doesn’t contain zinc, copper, or biocides. Additionally, it takes just two hours to dry, cutting labor costs in half.

How to use this environmentally friendly biocide-free solution?

Calculate the surface area in square meters of the paintable area before applying KeelCrab Paint on your boat. The paint should then be sprayed on. It’s that simple! The notion of “replace biocide with drone” is one that KeelCrab adheres to. To ensure that our products have contemporary, hydrophobic, non-water-soluble, and entirely ecologically safe chemical qualities, we test, experiment, recommend, market, and certify them.

The estimated hull surface area, X, and the correction coefficient, Y, are multiplied to determine the square meters of the paintable surface. By deciding on a biocide-free option like KeelCrab Paint, you can lessen the harm done to the environment while still keeping your boat safe and functional.

Additionally, we provide a Keel Pack Green kit that contains KeelCrab Paint and additional complimentary goods to help you maintain your boat’s performance while minimizing its environmental impact.

Why opt for an environmentally friendly biocide-free solution?

The use of biocides, which are highly hazardous to the environment, people, and animals, is subject to increasingly strict (global) restrictions. Climate change (year-over-year increases in average marine substrate temperatures) and foreign invasive organisms. This framework widens the field and expands both the technological and economic frontiers. Keelcrab supports the use of complementing products with no biocide content in combination with maintenance plans.

In order to maintain top performance and lower the amount of fuel required and the associated CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, it tests, experiments, recommends, markets, and certifies products with “modern,” hydrophobic, non-water-soluble, and 100% environmentally friendly chemical characteristics that support the “replace biocide with drone” philosophy.

Additionally, using Aquaward FM41, the transparent antifouling made by Alvida Srl that KeelCrab advises, will make cleaning easier while reducing the environmental impact. This water-repellent antifouling dries in just two hours, saving both money and labor time, and it doesn’t contain zinc, copper, or biocides.

Visit our website right away to find out more about KeelCrab Paint and to purchase it as part of our Keel Pack Green kit. Make the first move toward a future where your boat is more environmentally friendly by selecting a sustainable option like KeelCrab Paint.





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