Green keel pack

What is green keel pack?

Complete solution for hull maintenance and prevention of vegetation growth. All-inclusive formula Keelcrab drone plus Ultracrab ultrasonic antifouling with important customer benefits!

What is included in the offer?

  • The Keelcrab: remote-controlled underwater drone for hull maintenance (including camera, remote control, 1 A.N.C.P. nylon medium brush, 20-metre drone power cable and electronic box).
  • Ultracrab: practical and efficient ultrasonic antifouling that works without the need for inconvenient and costly wiring and installation or gluing of ultrasonic probes on board.


*vat and shipping not included


5.386,00 €


*vat and shipping not included


5.386,00 €

Look at them in detail

The Keelcrab

Underwater drone for maintenance and inspection of yacht and boat hulls.


The practical and fast ultrasonic antifouling works without the need for inconvenient and expensive wiring and fixing on board.


Keelcrab and ultracrab are the perfect combination to keep your boat’s hull in perfect working order, prevent vegetation from forming on the live work and on metal technical components such as propulsion systems, propellers, axles, stern feet or other technical elements in the hull.

Acquire the complete package and make your hull maintenance, inspection and prevention operations autonomous.

Fuel savings in overtime cleaning, significantly improving boating enjoyment.


Green solution

The KeelCrab drone removes the layer of vegetation without affecting your antifouling but rather, prolonging its lifespan. The waste material is is collected inside the filter bag (optional).


Efficiency of antifouling

Maintenance and prevention improve the efficiency and durability of your antifouling. Numerous tests have shown that constant removal of the first layer of vegetation (3/5 mm) causes an important extension of antifouling life, which results in the 'impossibility of the formation of "dog teeth" (barnacles) and reduced hauling in the long run.


Always top navigation performance and low fuel consumption

Reduction of extraordinary hull cleaning operations in the medium term to ensure high levels of sailing performance of the boat at all times, maximizing efficiency of the delicate performance/consumption relationship.

Frequently asked questions

Green Keel Pack is recommended for owners of yachts or pleasure boats or owners in general who want to manage the maintenance of their hull directly and independently, espousing green solutions that aim to reduce haulage in the long term, make the relationship between consumption and performance more efficient, and always in total autonomy.

Ultracrab ALWAYS (as much as possible), Keelcrab at least bimonthly (in the case of non-water-soluble chemicals classifiable as fixed matrices) or at least quarterly (in the case of water-soluble chemicals classifiable as self-smoothing); the main benefits are especially apparent during long winter (or worse summer due to higher temperatures) boat stops in ports, periods when stationary produces greater proliferation.

  • Speed of use and cleaning
  • Always top performance
  • Autonomy in hull maintenance operations
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced hauling in the medium term
  • Green solution (reduced consumption and reduced need for antifouling with biocide in the medium term)

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