Green Keel Pack: sustainable hull cleaning

Pilot project in collaboration between Boer Group and KeelCrab

A step toward the hull maintenance revolution!

Keelcrab Aeffe s.r.l. in collaboration with GRUPPO BOERO presents GREEN KEEL PACK, the pilot project aimed at testing the efficiency of THE KEELCRAB’s cleaning cycles with the new hard-matrix biocide-free antifouling ECO HULL PAINT by GRUPPO BOERO.

Green keel pack mission: revolutionize keel cleaning and maintenance.

We are proud to be able to implement together with Boero Group a project in line with our vision: maintenance before cleaning, drone action as a substitute for biocide action.

The biocide-free, hard-matrix antifouling (not water-soluble already certified keelcrab) is therefore maintained by water cleaning cycles that remove only the first layer of vegetation bringing the paint back into direct contact with the water by increasing sailing performance, decreasing fuel consumption, preserving the physical integrity of the hull, and increasing the useful life of the antifouling itself.

This is why we have espoused the Boer Group’s line, “Green Keel Pack is the Pilot Project born from a passion for the sea and the constant search for products with low environmental impact.”

We have always believed that the future of hull maintenance needs the characteristics of Green Keel Pack and that the environment first, the limitations of water-soluble paint (self-sanding but with the boat often moored for a long time) together with legislation on this issue already in place several states, are joining drawing the path to revolution.

Thus was born the green-keel-pack project: in April 2021 we will select 25 boat owners whose boat is moored in Liguria, with the goal of providing them with Eco Hull Paint drafting, and maintenance cleaning cycles that will be managed bimonthly and quarterly for one year by a KeelCrab certified professional.





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