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Professional in the marine industry that provides its customers with cleaning and inspection services and hull maintenance or rental services of Keelcrab brand products.

Drone complete with all professional accessories for hull maintenance and inspection services.

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A new opportunity
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Your business integrates with a Network of more than 50 points worldwide and 400 users in the marine industry.


You will be able to conduct product demonstrations with your area contact person or directly to potential customers interested in the service or purchase of our products.

Exclusive service

Service granted exclusively in your marina with the ability to operate in areas free of exclusivity granted to other points


We created an e-learning course consisting of 5 modules to support our keelcrab-users-point in drone use.

Marketing support voucher

Budget of 100 euros spendable for up to one year after the purchase of Keelcrab PRO to promote you through our social campaigns in your area of expertise. Apply for the voucher and start increasing your visibility by offering your service in the marina! At the end of the trial period, you can decide to be followed by us in promoting your business via social.

Why is this a good idea?

Demand curve of fairing cleaning increasing for at least 3 reasons:

Increasingly stringent regulations

Antifouling paints with fewer and fewer biocides will soon become "biocide free"(current standard under certain further restriction: BPR, Regulation (EU) 528/2012). This is especially a problem for recreational boats that are stationed for long periods.

Climate change

Significant increase in sea temperatures generating an average increase in proliferation

Migration of alien species

We are very sensitive to this issue, which is why we have developed a filter bag with variable micrometry that allows us to clean the hull by collecting the proliferation of native species, thus preventing their migration.

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Innovate with us

Contribute to the revolution of the boat hull cleaning market and yachts and become part of a worldwide network as well.

Manage and develop your business from your marina and increase your turnover (supplementing the ceiling of your service offerings) through the inclusion of a complementary activity to your daily work activities.

Pricing policy and catchment area analysis procedure

Suggested price: we suggest a price for the provision of the service (the assumption of renting the equipment to the client is also valid) that is the result of our direct experience of constant comparison with professionals in the field already affiliated-point; as a non-exhaustive example, the following table brings a comparison of prices of the cleaning or inspection service by range of boat length in the average context of some Italian and foreign point clients of our affiliates:

In the very first instance, the target boat range is sail and motor boats from 10 to 24 meters in length.

  • Availability and price of hauling and or underwater cleaning service.
  • Average annual expenditure of a shipowner on hull maintenance in your target area
  • Problem: Fast or slow growth of barnacles and algae on the hull caused by the proliferation of vegetation and identification of typical vegetation for selection of the most suitable brush.
  • Average annual water port visibility (presence of tributary basins with poor circulation-periods of storms or rough seas-periods of low tide)
  • ARMATORS: propose annual subscription service (4-6 cleanings per year with 20% customer benefit)
  • NETWORK: collaborations with shipyards and marinas with the aim of offering not only cleaning service, but also inspection and maintenance.
  • CHARTER COMPANIES: Collaboration with the aim of offering maintenance service and videographic check-up of fairings upon return from rentals.

Based on the analysis of the average catchment area, a machine amortization schedule (illustrative not exhaustive) calculated on a medium-small catchment area in which 30 customers per year, with boats of mixed lengths between 10 and 18 meters, decide to join the contract offer (assuming 4 cleaning operations per year per customer) to the cleaning and inspection services with the purpose of maintaining hull performance with immediate benefit in fuel consumption and hull supervision and inspection service.

As the model shows, break even is achievable in a short time once a minimum number of hours and effort, training and dissemination are organized and dedicated to the initiative.

What our customers say

Everyone who joins our network deserves great attention from us.

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