Develop a service network in your area

Become Yacht Dealer Point

Yacht dealer point is not only a dealer but a real area manager for the development of our sales network of Keelcrab brand products dedicated to boat hull maintenance.

Where we are

A new business opportunity



Develop a network in your area of expertise and find new opportunities in vacant areas; demand is very high especially in areas with a high density of boat presence



Organize demo activities with your candidate points in your area; get technical and mktg support from our staff


Exclusive service

Exclusivity service in your Marina or geographic location of choice, with the ability to also operate in "free zones" where there is no other Point



We have created an E-learning course, structured in 5 modules for training activities for you and your future yacht service points.



Our Dealers develop and expand the network with companies in the marine industry of hull maintenance services, cleaning companies or yacht rentals by offering technological and complementary services and products. Owners themselves are often interested in managing their own hull maintenance in total independence.

Why is this a good idea?

Innovate with us

Be part of the next revolution in the hull cleaning market. Less Biocides, more Drones!

Join a worldwide network

Manage and develop your business from your target Marina

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Recommended price

We provide all our dealers with a recommended retail price list, or MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) of our drones, technical parts of our drones, and services offered to customers

For all your clients we guarantee


Support service


Manual and video tutorial


Keelcrab Academy Enrollment.


Mmktg support plan

professional clients we support them through geolocated digital mktg advertising campaigns to promote their service to shipowners and increase contacts in the target area.

What our customers say

Everyone who joins our network deserves great attention from us.

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