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The keelcrab Aquapool line are not pool robots!

Our Aquapools are drones: technologically advanced and built for a user-friendly experience and with an integrally do-it-yourself design even for maintenance operations to ensure greater autonomy and reliability.

Direct assistance throughout Europe H.24!

Digital innovation and passion

We are a company that designs and manufactures integrally at the operational site in the province of Como and directly handles service requests throughout Europe without intermediaries, making digital innovation a real competitive advantage and a corporate milestone.

Beyond Pool Cleaning

Our slogan tells of an ‘experience that goes far beyond normal pool cleaning: we have made our Aquapool products with surface sanitization and water monitoring in mind in the logic of “quality water first.”

Improve your customers' satisfaction

Do you do cleaning service to pool owners? Offer your customers a comprehensive service by integrating surface sanitation and water monitoring.

A professional solution for everyone.

Are you a retailer? Propose more than just a pool cleaner:

Aquapool LIGHT ONE

Self-guided or remote-controlled underwater drone via APP, bottom and walls, for pools up to 15 meters long (in any material) totally transparent and equipped with Led-light-pack.


Self-guided or remote-controlled professional underwater drone via App, bottom and walls for pools up to 30 meters long (in any material).

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    Keelcrab Point is a worldwide network of professionals in the marine and swimming pool industry that provides our method to its customers for in-water cleaning and maintenance or resells the service directly to maintenance professionals.

  • We have created a 5 module online course to learn in detail how to use and maintain Keelcrab.

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