Aquapool light-one

The first professional drone for pool care.

Self-guided or remote-controlled underwater drone via APP, bottom and walls for cleaning private skimmer or infinity edge pools of any material up to 25 meters in length and 5 meters in depth.

Accessories included:

  • Counter-rotating sponge sanitizing brush with inserts for disinfectant additives (Patent No.102020000003206)
  • water temperature sensor (data transmitted on App)
  • Android/IOS App & Wi-fi Connectivity
  • 9-axis gyro sensor, scan system, optimized walk
  • 18 meter drone cable (optional extension cable IP69K waterproof connector)
  • power electronics box
  • LED light-pack (scenic led running lights)
  • Electronic anti-twisting system of the power cord

Keelcrab Aquapool light-one is the first drone for cleaning your pool entirely designed and made in Italy that boasts unique technologies and accessories.

Equipped with scenic underwater LED lights for running status indication and visual analysis of filter fill level, Keelcrab Aquapool light-one also features an innovative electronic anti-twist system for the power cord. The 9-axis gyro sensor, during autonomous navigation, counts by magnetometer the degrees of rotation (i.e., the turns that inevitably and altogether the drone makes on itself during a timed part of the navigation path) by performing timed offsets. These offsets are in fact short versus measured and even earlier calculated rotations in total autonomy with the purpose of returning the drone’s degrees of rotation to the initial stage (basically the power-up stage) and thus avoiding annoying episodes of twisting or coiling of power cord main causes of damage and breakage. The only caution then, will be to fully unwind the power cord of your Keelcrab Aquapool before each use, leaving the management and relative care of your cord to the software.

Keelcrab light-one sanitizing brush (Patent No.102020000003206) in special sponge is supported by a multi-hollow roller equipped with special and convenient side inserts for the (optional and optional) application of slow-release multifunctional pads. Numerous tests suggest the use of 20-gram tablets (4 ACTIONS CHLORINE, PH, ANTIALGES AND FLOCCULANT) to guarantee perfect cleanliness, perfect bacterial sanitization (apt to also remove the annoying “slimy-green” effect to the touch) leaving your pool as clear as when just filled.

The Keelcrab light-one drone is also equipped with a large quick-rinse bag/filter in order to increase the hygiene of the operation and minimize the time.

Total transparency allows you to observe and analyze the mechanical behavior of your drone at all times, enjoy the scenic visual effect of the included light-pack especially at dusk or nighttime, and be able to observe it from the outside as you would observe it wearing a mask from inside your pool.

  • Input power supply: 110V/230V (standard equipment – Schuko)
  • Output power supply: 24V (low voltage)
  • Power consumption: 280 W
  • Size & weight: 42.5cm x 46.5cm x 29cm (h) weight 11kg
  • Electronic box dimensions: 31cm x 23cm x 13cm (h)
  • Cleaning times: 5 m²/min
  • Power cable: Kevlar reinforced (120 kg tensile strength) with float. Standard length 20 meters.
  • Warranty: 500 hours or 2 years (excluding consumables).
  • Weight: 9 kg;
  • Length: 42.5 cm;
  • Width: 46.5 cm;
  • Height: 29 cm;


*shipping and vat not included

Estimated delivery time: 4 weeks


€ 2.849,00


*shipping and vat not included

Estimated delivery time: 4 weeks


€ 2.849,00

The advantages


Sanitizes surfaces

thanks to the patented brush system with antibacterial functionality


Light Pack

Integrated functional gear led system for activity monitoring and pool lighting effect especially from dusk or at night hours


Total cleaning

Vertical walls and waterline


Wi-fi system

Pilot the drone via APP


Electronic system from cable anti-twist


Total transparency

Frequently asked questions

Keelcrab Aquapool light-one has been tested and guaranteed up to 5 meters deep.

Yes certainly. In case of salt % above 5 grams per liter contact support at or at +39 327 029 5197 w.up to send the video tutorial dedicated to adjusting the hydrostatic trim set-up.

It climbs steps (in regular mode or by piloting it via App) but is only able to clean the flat surface of the step if the step is at least 42 cm deep.

Via App. If on power-up (once sunk to the bottom of the pool) the drone receives no instruction, on departure it performs 30 seconds of self calibration and scanning and then proceeds to floor only mode for the shortest cycle (1 hour and 30 minutes). Any other changes on navigation should be handled by connecting your device via App.

Yes, back to basics. The advantage of a somewhat old-style filter bag allows us the customization of the nylon thread mesh of the keelcrab bag to enumerate even the most extreme filter capacity requirements. The loss in design (when compared to modern cartridge filters) is compensated by very high technical capabilities.

Yes, particularly. The Keelcrab Aquapool light-one drone is derived from the line of drones produced by Aeffe S.r.l. Keelcrab for cleaning boat hulls. The hydrostatic buoyancy, suction capacity and surface adaptation are the daughters of years of study and technical development of products in the area of hull cleaning, surfaces known to be more irregular and with sometimes very particular geometries.

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