Aquapool: from boating to swimming

Here’s what professionals in the field told us

On the occasion of the Piscine Forum held in Bologna on February 19-20-21,

we had the opportunity to meet with dozens of dealers and maintainers from all over Italy, gathering feelings and views.

The launch of Keelcrab AQUAPOOL, our first pool version drone, was organized in Bologna specifically so that we could speak directly to experts in this field.

The features of Aquapool

All product specifications can be found on the Aquapool product page,

But two aspects you told us were the most interesting:

Aquapool Performance

Ten years of experience in the marine industry has enabled us to develop an essential product that is capable of moving in a hostile place like the marine environment due to currents and water conditions, and that easily allows maintenance and replacement of mechanical parts of the drone.

Thus, the transition from the sea to the pool environment allowed us to develop a product with simple and effective mobility conditions at half of its full effective capacity:

all this translates into true cleanliness on wall climb and waterline.

Progress beyond the state of the art, expected outcomes to the end of the project, and potential impacts (including socioeconomic impact and broader social implications of the project so far)

A major improvement in the application will occur when we launch a new, fully automated Keelcrab. This requires further efforts in engineering, exploitation and deployment that will take another two years. The automated Keelcrab targets the yacht and ship markets, expanding the large market potential.


Perhaps the most interesting novelty recognized by the Forum Piscine audience was the brush:

it is a counter-rotating brush with the ability to insert chemical additives in 20-gram tablets: the multifunction allows the release of chlorine and water sanitization.

An Italian company in the pool robot industry

After several years, an industry company returns to Italy: the most important news for industry professionals concerns the possibility ofdealing directly with an Italian manufacturer and distributor, being able to manage:

  • Direct customer service
  • R&D Participation of the AQUAPOOL Project
  • Market development project application
  • Direct drone maintenance via DIRECT manufacturer support and online tutorials.
  • Participation in the largest community in the underwater cleaning drone industry

CONTACT US and ask for all the trade terms reserved in March for the first 50 drones (while stocks last)





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