Keelcrab Pro

Designed for marine professionals.
Wide range of optionals included and access to Keelcrab Point Network.

The Keelcrab

The first underwater drone entirely designed and manufactured in Italy to carry out robotic maintenance and inspection of your hull.


Practical and efficient ultrasonic antifouling. No cabling or on-board assembly required. Range of action up to 20 meters

Keelcrab Aquapool

Professional underwater drone with autonomous bottom and wall guidance or remote control via App for cleaning and maintenance of swimming pools up to 30 meters long.

Aquapool light-one

Self-guided bottom and wall professional underwater drone or remote-controlled via App for cleaning and maintenance of pools up to 15 meters in length.

Submarine mechatronics

For 10 years, Aeffe Ltd. has been synonymous with innovation in underwater mechatronics by designing and manufacturing next-generation drones and underwater robots for the maintenance of yacht hulls, swimming pools, multi-purpose industrial tanks, and aquariums or submerged environments in general; we also offer complementary products such as New generation total green antifouling.

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